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Helium Gas Supplier

Helium Gas

As one of the well known Helium gas supplier, Smart Traders also offers high quality containers like Helium gas cylinders for various industrial uses. Helium is a colorless and inert non toxic gas that comes in the second position for being the lightest element just after Hydrogen in context to nature.

Applications are:

  • Helium is used as a carrier gas for gas chromatography
  • It is used as a protecting gas in welding procedure for materials that comprise high heat conductivity like Aluminum & Copper
  • Helium gas can lift balloons or products that need to be lifted up in the air
  • Helium also acts as a mixture gas for breathing in air especially for sea diving at low level

Safety Guideline

  • While working with cylinder one should wear leather safety gloves and safety shoes.
  • DO not physically damage the cylinder by dragging, rolling , sliding or dropping.
  • The purpose of the cap is to protect the valve,do not lift it from the cap.
  • Use a Cart, Trolley or hand truck to move the cylinder.
  • Do not insert any object ( Eg. : Screwdriver, pry bar, wrench ) in the cap or else damaged valve may cause leakage.
  • To remove over-tight or rusted caps use strap wrench.
  • Please take care of value. if it’s hard to open, stop using and contact us.
  • Keep the container close when not in use and when it’s empty.
  • Prevent it from direct heat of the sun, Cause high temperature may damage the cylinder and would fail the pressure relief device prematurely.
  • Keep the cylinder in a ventilated area.

In category of calibration gases we have other gases like :






We are a renowned Helium Gas Supplier. In case you require expert advice on commercial or industrial application, Give us a call at +91-281-2584073 where our expert teams will help you to figure out the finest.

Supply option for all your operations.

Give us a call at +91-281-2584073 & our expert teams will help you to figure out the finest
supply option for all your operations.