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Argon CO2 Mixture Supplier in Gujarat

Argon and CO2 Mixture

We are Argon CO2 Mixture supplier in Gujarat, India. We provide the best quality mixture. The mixture of Argon and Carbon Dioxide is used to weld different kinds of alloys, carbon, and stainless steel. If the Carbon Dioxide content is increased in the Mixture, this will lead to increase in the weld penetration. This can also increase the spatter. The materials having different kinds of thickness can be joined with the help of this Mixture. Companies can use the Mixture for machinery, farm structure, and many more. The Mixture is of different types and the difference occurs due to the presence of the level of Carbon Dioxide. Desirable mixture will be available from us.


Smart Traders, Argon CO2 Mixture supplier, offer the Mixture at reasonable cost to our clients. The Mixture is of superior quality and none of the clients have complained about our products and services. The production and processing of the Mixture is done in a safe environment and we also maintain the industry standards. We provide the Mixture with different levels of carbon dioxide as mentioned above.

Different types of Argon and Carbon Dioxide mixtures have been displayed :


Carbon Dioxide(CO2)








There are many features of the mixture and these are as follows.

  • The mixture has been made from pure argon and carbon dioxide.
  • Safe guidelines need to be followed by you which will be provided to you.
  • No impurities are present in the mixture so there will be lesser issues in welding or any other industrial use.

Safety while using this mixture

  • Cylinders should be kept in a high ventilated area. ( Cause it’s a Inert Gas )
  • Spindle of the cylinder should be closed after work.
  • No welding job nearby cylinder.
  • Cylinders should not be kept in direct sun heat contact.
  • Workers working on cylinders should not inhale the Gas. ( It is harmful to lungs )

Various other Mixture of Argon Gas are :

Argon Hydrogen ( Ar/H2)

Argon Oxygen ( Ar/O2 )

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