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There are many segments where this mixture of Argon / Oxygen is used in various types of activities. We, Industrial Gases Suppliers, provide the mixture at a reasonable price to our clients. The company supplies many kinds of gas mixtures to different industries and one of them is argon oxygen gas mixture. We are an Argon / Oxygen mixture supplier in Gujarat.


When a small amount of oxygen is mixed with argon, the weld arc is stabilized. Few of them are listed below :

  • Filler metal droplet rate is increased.
  • Spray arc transition current is lowered.
  • The puddle fluid stays for a longer period on the molten metal.

Uses of the mixture

The mixture is sprayed on a clean stainless steel and plain carbon. There are three kinds of mixtures which are as follows.

Argon ( AR )

Oxygen ( O2 )




This mixture is used for transferring spray on stainless steel. In order to stabilize the arc, 1% oxygen is sufficient. The level of oxygen also helps in improving the appearance of the surface.



This mixture is used in the form of spray on carbon steel. Stainless steel, and low alloy steel. It improves the action of welding in comparison to the mixture having 2% oxygen. The resistance to corrosion is also provided by this mixture.



The weld pool becomes more fluid but is in control and does not flow easily.Many companies prefer this mixture which is sprayed on carbon steel to enhance the process of welding.

92% to 88%

8% to 12%

This mixture is used in single pass welds. Some advantages of this mixture include higher fluidity puddle and lower spray arc.

The level of spatter and fume is low. If the oxygen content is higher, there will be difficulty in welding different parts of the metal. The difficulty arises due to increase in the puddle fluidity. We are Argon Oxygen Mixture Supplier with best quality in various proportion.

Various other Mixture of Argon Gas are :

Argon Hydrogen ( Ar/H2)

Argon CO2 ( Ar/CO2 )

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