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Air which has had its hydrocarbons removed with the help of an oxidative catalysis process is known as Zero Air. Zero Air has a hydrocarbon content of only 0.1 PPM (Parts Per Million). Zero Air is a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Often Zero Air is present in the atmosphere due to excess air pollution. Zero Air is widely used in process control applications and chemical analysis. We offer the best quality Zero Air to our customers to suit all their needs. We provide high and pure quality ZERO AIR.We are “0” Air gas supplier in Gujarat with best quality and reasonable prices.

Applications of Zero Air

Let us look at some of the many uses of Zero Air:

  • It is a major component of Gas Chromatography and is used as a flame gas in FID and FPD detectors.
  • It is also used as a Dry Air Purge Gas in AED detectors.
  • Emission analysers use Zero Air to check the impurity level of hydrocarbons and to calibrate them.
  • It is used extensively in laboratories to perform various experiments.
  • Various industrial equipment use Zero Air to function.
  • Zero Air also finds use in pathological test centres.

In category of calibration gases we have other gases like :

Nitrogen Graded

Hydrogen Graded

Argon Graded

Helium Graded

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