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Argon is a non-toxic and monatomic gas that exists in the environment at a concentration of(0.934%) 1% by volume. The gas is considered as highly valuable because of its entire inertness especially at high temperatures. Among the truly rare or inert gases, this gas is the most profuse one. This gas is sourced by the process of separating air. Smart Traders is a pioneering supplier of best quality industrial gases in the current market today. Our products can be discovered in almost all industries today. We at Smart Traders argon graded gas supplier take much pride in offering high quality Argon gas for numerous industrial utilisations.

Argon is a gas that finds its utilization in a plethora of industries. Argon gas as a portion of numerous mixtures or in its pure form for applications like shielding gas for the purpose of arc welding. Our gas product is also employed in filling mixtures for thyratron radio tubes, incandescent lamps and phosphorescent tubes.

Other applications include

  • Carrier gas in sputtering, ion implantations, chromatography and plasma etching
  • Argon gas offers a blanket atmosphere in the growth of crystal, pharmaceutical and viniculture packaging.
  • The gas is also amalgamated with helium and fluorine for applications like excimer lasers
  • Argon gas also enhances thermal insulation in the multi-pane windows as it is an effective insulation gas
  • Argon gas is implemented in industries like iron, heat and steel treatment
  • Other common applications are:
    • Airbag inflation
    • Spectrometry
    • Cryosurgery
    • Fire extinguishing
    • Purging in laboratories
    • Refrigeration

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