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Helium graded Gas Supplier

At Smart Traders, we ensure delivery of gaseous and compressed helium in various forms of containers that would likely fit your purpose of the application. We have a team of experienced technical people who suggest the best about its use in industry. Helium is non-toxic and has no role in any biological form. It ranks the second position in terms of its abundance in nature and has the lowest boiling point among all other elements. Helium Graded gas supplier in gujarat with quality material that beats the market price.

Applications and uses of Helium in different industries

  • Helium is used in cryogenic applications namely MRI, NMR, as a coolant as it has the lowest melting as well as boiling point
  • Aerostatics industry uses helium as lift gas as its density is lighter than air
  • It is used as a shielding gas in the welding industry
  • Helium is used for leak detection as it has the smallest molecular size
  • Often for gas chromatography ie. Separation of mixtures, helium is used
  • Helium is used as semiconductor manufacturing due to its inertness
  • Helium is used in fiber optic cable manufacturing as a coolant
  • Helium is extremely low in solubility for water and blood and so is used as a deep-sea diving gas
  • Helium is used in lasers and lighting as working gas
  • In Solar telescopes, helium is applied for its low refraction index

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We are a renowned Helium Graded Gas Supplier. In case you require expert advice on commercial or industrial application.

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