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Information in details about hydrogen gas and its applications

We at Smart Traders offer hydrogen gas in compressed form to plenty of industries. A team of well-experienced technicians is here in smart traders who decide upon the perfect quality of the product for a specific application. Hydrogen is one of the important gases in nature as the universe is mainly composed of hydrogen. One of the main elements in the formation of water is hydrogen and water is created from its violent and explosive reaction.We are a Hydrogen Graded Gas Supplier in Gujarat.

Industrial applications of hydrogen

  • In oil refineries For the removal of sulfur from natural gas and petroleum products
  • Used to produce ammonia, which acts as a fertilizer and also as a household cleaning product.
  • Helps to extract metals from Metallic Ore
  • Helps to Produce Hydrochloric Acid
  • Hydrogen is used by food industries mainly to turn unsaturated fats into saturated oils and butter through hydrogenation
  • Used in the atomic welding process mainly to weld refractory metals and tungsten
  • Often used as a coolant by many large electrical generators of the new generation
  • Hydrogen is many times used to find leaks by many industries
  • Used as a reducing agent in the manufacture of plate glass
  • Hydrogen is used by meteorologists for high altitude weather balloons
  • Hydrogen stores and delivers energy that can be used in trains, buses, submarines, bikes and laptops

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We are a renowned Hydrogen Graded Gas Supplier. In case you require expert advice on commercial or industrial application.

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