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CO2 gas supplier

Carbon Dioxide

CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is a colorless and toxic gas carrying a pungent taste. We at Smart Traders are CO2 Gas Supplier for your commercial and industrial application requisites. We also utilize CO2 gas cylinder quad for applications that require a high quantity of carbon dioxide gas.

Applications are:

Used as a main ingredient in carbonated drinks offering it the required sparkle and fizz Utilized as a protecting gas to protect oxygen reactive materials from air during the process of MIG welding

Dry ice finds its extensive use for storing unpreserved items by offering it a low temperature that is controlled

Carbon dioxide is utilized as a powerful agent for extracting oil in the oil extraction industry

Safety Guideline while using CO2 cylinder

  • Cylinders should be handled wearing gloves.
  • While working with cylinder one should wear leather safety gloves and safety shoes.
  • Do not physically damage the cylinder by dragging, rolling , sliding or dropping.
  • The purpose of the cap is to protect the valve,do not lift it from the cap.
  • Use a Cart, Trolley or hand truck to move the cylinder.
  • Do not insert any object ( Eg. : Screwdriver, pry bar, wrench ) in the cap or else damaged valve may cause leakage.
  • To remove over-tight or rusted caps use strap wrench.
  • Please take care of value. if it’s hard to open, stop using and contact us.
  • Keep the container close when not in use and when it’s empty.
  • Prevent it from direct heat of the sun, Cause high temperature may damage the cylinder and would fail the pressure relief device prematurely.
  • Keep the cylinder in a ventilated area.

In category of calibration gases we have other gases like :






We are a renowned Co2 Gas Supplier. In case you require expert advice on commercial or industrial application, Give us a call at +91-281-2584073 where our expert teams will help you to figure out the finest.

Supply option for all your operations.

Give us a call at +91-281-2584073 & our expert teams will help you to figure out the finest
supply option for all your operations.