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Argon / Hydrogen Mixture Gas

We supply different types of Gases and their mixture as per customer requirement. Gas mixture of Argon and Hydrogen can be used in different fields like chemical, mechanical, medical, and other fields. We use high pressure cylinders which contain gas mixture in them. Our team uses the latest technology and tools in order to compress the gas. We provide the mixture at an affordable price and make our clients happy and safe. We are Argon / CO2 , Argon / oxygen and Argon / Hydrogen mixture gas supplier in Gujarat.

Uses of the mixture

The mixture of Argon and Hydrogen that we provide can be used for plasma welding. Our clients get many benefits like reduction time cost and increased productivity.

Here are some of the uses of this mixture.

Metal working
Argon and Hydrogen mixture can be used to weld steel with the help of TIG method. The Gas mixture increases the speed of welding. The welding can be done deeply and there is less deformation of the metal during the process.

Argon (AR) 

Hydrogen (H2)


98 % 

2 % 

Manual TIG welding of stainless steel food service equipment, railings, and aerospace components

95 % 

5 % 

90 % 

10 % 

Mechanized welding of austenitic stainless steel tubing.

65 % 

35 %

Safety while using this mixture

  • Flame proof motor and switch should be used.
  • Cylinders should be kept in a high ventilated area.
  • Cylinder value should be left hand thread. ( To avoid connection with other gas manifold )
  • Spindle of the cylinder should be closed after work.
  • No welding job nearby cylinder.
  • Cylinders should not be kept in direct sun heat contact.
  • Workers working on cylinders should not inhale the Gas.

Argon-hydrogen gas mixture is a very useful mixture in industrial purpose. Here are Various other Mixture of Argon Gas :

Argon CO2 ( Ar/CO2)

Argon Oxygen ( Ar/O2 )

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