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We have a fast service that could meet your requirement on time.

Best Technical

We have people who are having best technical knowledge to help you out and solve your industrial gas technical issues.

Fast Supply

Our supply chain system is very well organised to reach out our customer on time.


We manufacture quality product that helps you maintain your product quality.


We are trading argon for industrial use and high purity argon for special applications.

Our product is excellent from quality standard point of view.


We are supplier of compressed oxygen gas in cylinder and we also have facility to provide liquid oxygen in small Cryo containers.

These Cylinder are heavy, valid and hydro-tested which is more safe and secure for our customer.


We are the largest supplier of compressed nitrogen in cylinder as well as high purity nitrogen for special use. We also supply liquid nitrogen in Cryo containers for different kind of application.

Our product is well established in market from quality point of view which is maintained by our associate group.


Helium is a wide range product which can be applied in many industry.

We provide high quality helium with the best quality supply.


Its a pure form gas. The gas is unstable so it is kept as solution. Its used in welding, cutting and Heat Treating.