Polishing Machine

Sample Surface Polishing Machine For Spectrometer
Technical Specification
Disc driving motor
2Hp, 3ø, 440v, 50Hz Ac Supply
Suction blower motor
1HP, 3ø, 440v, 50Hz Ac Supply
Disc speed
3000 RPM
Disc size (mm)
ø, 350 OD x ø 40 bore x 15 Thk.
Size of polishing machine (mm)
Length 460 x Width 890x
Operating height 850
Weight of polishing machine
210 Kgs.
Power Requirement
3 Phase, 440V, 50Hz Ac Supply
Polishing disc paper size (mm)
Aloxide paper ø 350 x ø 40 Hole
Polishing paper for
Steel sample : 60 Grits
Cast Iron sample : 40 Grits
Low Alloys : 80 Grits

Spectrographick Sample
Polisher / Grinder

Salient Features
Compact in Size
No need of the Foundation
Mounted on Antivibration pad
Easy Paper Replacement
Lockable Rack for the Polishing Paper strorage
Front panel with individual starter and the Isolation Switch with
Three Phase Indicators
RDEE-P03 is specially designed to polish samples for metal
analysis on spark Emission spectrometer. It ensures required
surface finish by using required grade of polishing paper within
few seconds.

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